Graphic Novels


Two Graphic Novels that I am aware of, Legend and Wolf in Shadow. Legend came in softback and Hardback, in a limited edition run of 200 hardbacks. There was no hardback release of Wolf in Shadow that I am aware of.




Limited to just 200 Copies (mine is 132/200) and signed by not just David Gemmell, but Fangorn and Stan Nicholls this was the Hardback edition of the Legend graphic novel.

This has come up on a few occassions on eBay, and I saw a couple of copies go for more than £500, one just over and another around £800. One person was trying to sell a watermarked copy that also looked a bit battered for more than £250 as well. Prompted by these high prices, due to being broke and needing to pay a few bills, I actually put mine up for sale (thankfully with a reserve) and the price hit just over a £100, failing to hit my (now forgotten) reserve price. I dont even remember now what I needed the money for, so obviously grateful that I did not sell.

I have the softcover graphic novel version as well, same cover etc, and my copy is unsigned.


Wolf in Shadow

The second graphic novel was only released as a paperback edition, so no hardback or limited editions.