2015 News


Feb: The pictures of the French Legend. Signed (well printed obviously) and limited edition, it also contains an interview with David Gemmell (in English).

The book itself is faux leather bound, limited to 2000 copies, has illistrations and border images etc - lots of loving detail that for some reason no english publisher has thought of, not even xxxxxxx.

Janurary 19th: Finally sold my Last Sword of Power and with the proceeds plus a wage bonus from my employer, picked up one of the French Anniversary editions - Legend in fact. A good way to start the new year, and the obligitory pictures will follow when it arrives.

Janurary 1st: Lets start the year how I always have done so far. No I have not read the last two Troy books. Yes I should have updated stuff and I havent, And here is a picture of my Gemmell Shelves as of 2015...which hasnt changed at all, so its the same as last year.