2014 News


November/December: Sometime in November I flipped the Legend Spectrum game back to ebay - nothing in the contents that was better so I resold it, making my money back, and a couple of quid on top.

The last Sword of power was a big upgrade for me, so I put up for sale my old one, but it went unsold through the whole of December. I was only after making the same as what I paid for it (plus relevant fees and postage covered) but as Christmas looms no Gemmell fans wanted to buy each other presents.

Here is the new one in all its glory.....

October 20th: The Last Sword of Power finished over the weekend, and I was very fortunate. Well within my budget and no bidders, helped me secure it for just over its starting price of £100, getting it for £102. I had a little more in reserve, but not a huge amount - as I mentioned earlier here, it was a case of begging to be able to bid, and I am sure there would have been anger and some tears if I had seen it go for the minimum bid with no one to contend against it if I had stayed my hand. I also won another Spectrum Legend game - which has the template and map, but I am really after the box to see if its any good.

October 17th: Spent some time changing the layout, well specifically 'the white bits' for the main page. I had already changed the layout for the Archive pages as there was too much white space from the side links, meaning images were only 500px wide rather than 700px to cater for a useless white panel of nothing down the right hand side. So I changed the front page as well, condensing the side panel into the main top section. I dont kid myself thinking this is some fancy all singing all dancing webpage - its a poor blog at best, and only used to discuss my books or books that I want - the pictures are the only thing of importance after all. I also found that I had another list wrapped round the sidepanel, which was why I had the little dots hidden in text that I could never seem to remove. This has now gone.

I redid the 'owned' page as well, just concentrating on the first 7 hardbacks - the ones that cost the most and hardest to find. I am not sure what the original page was trying to do as it seemed I was merging past notes and current copies all in one page of ......well a mess to be honest. Its now cleaned up, and I just need to retake some shots and add some more detailed info to make it at least worth a quick glance.

Lastly, and most importantly, I had not even uploaded this page, meaning my legion of fans were only seeing 2013 information and missing out on all the crap I had written below during the year 2014. Doh!

October 16th: A rather nice looking Last Sword of Power is up for sale, and of course I want it. Checking back, my battered library edition was bought 7 years ago. Seven! Its a non-library version, the binding looks good and edges ok, I just need to check the spine.

This book has also been on Abebooks for £200 - there is a dedication (not from Gemmell) inside so its easy to identify.

So why have I not bought it already? Well, willpower mostly, and I am off to Cornwall next week (a 4 day Guild Wars 2 LAN) and the missus wants to paint the passage - well pay someone to paint the passage anyway. Meaning that I am broke.

Its quite a respectable price as well, a £100 starting bid and a £150 buy now price, and someone has already bid on it, and it currently has a few days to go. I reckon I could sell my version on for £75 or so, so I would be spending less to upgrade as such....I even went to my Mum to say about an early christmas present, thats how (desperate) much I want it.....and if that does not tug your heartstrings, then check the pictures in the 2007 Archive page to see how bad my copy is.

This month also has a 'perfect' edition of Legend - not signed though, for a ludacrus £1000 - you get free postage though! Also an ex Library Ghost King BIN for £150 which looks a little rough to be fair. There was another Ghost King up, also at £100 start, £150 BIN that was not ex-library and also a fantastic looking copy - someone on AVF quickly picked up that and it looks a beauty.

September 29th: Well looky here. What exactly have we here, a new book? And why exactly is it not a straggly half eaten library book that was found in a tramps pants? Just very lucky is the answer. I spotted it on a book website, spoke to the owners, and bought it. From Australia. It arrived today, and thankfully was not battered to pieces, despite travelling the best part of 10,000 miles. Yes I looked it up (I thought it was only 5000 miles...)

To say I am chuffed is an understatement. Its pretty much a perfect non library edition. You will notice some ruffling of the dustjact at the top edge, and all the edges of the book are yellowed....but still, its a lovely copy. Chuffed. Said that already havent I? So, price? 300, which is really good. Whats better is that was Aussie dollars, not sterling.

Now excuse me while I go off and stroke my new book, my only book of 2014 to date...

September 19th: Still no book purchases (yet! wink wink) but I hope to remedy that soon. Over the summer I must have visited a dozen or more charity shops in the hope that I will find myself a White Knight.....to no avail obviously, otherwise there would be a million and one pics to show it. I did actually come quite close though...

.....closest for me anyway. Knowing my luck, I will find one, in the hands of another person as they walk out of a charity shop with it. Oh well, books will come to those who wait...or something.

A beautiful copy of Waylander was up for sale over September - near perfect, but not signed for a very respectable £350. And yes, I am going to trot out that "I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had the cash" line.

Just look at it!

August 24th: I did bid, but got no where near the final sale price for this one. Last Sword of Power, plenty of pictures showing all the angles (top, sides, spine, cover etc) and described as "The book is in very good condition, is tightly bound and has no rips, tears or inscriptions. The book is NOT ex-library."

Lovely is an understatement, and it was only lacking a signature. Final price? £253. The highest I think I have seen for this book - especially unsigned. Quite a few people wanted it though it seems, I think I was a poor 4th man in a three man race.

July 16th: I bought another Legend Spectrum game, not just because mine had a battered internal casing, but because this one had the elusive piece of paper that acted as a keyboard overlay. It had no map, but that didnt matter - I basically cherry picked the bits I wanted, put them altogther and ended up with a pretty spot on (and complete!) copy as shown below.

My original Book and manual, along with the map were kept, and the box swapped over. I also kept my wrap round cover as this was better. The casing not only had the benefit of being nearly intact (broken internal corners, but nothing like what I had) but the outer celephane wrap was flat and clear, where my original box was very crinkled and slightly yellowed. The other one will be put up for sale.

February 13th: Lets start the year how I always have done so far. No I have not read the last two Troy books. Yes I should have updated stuff and I havent - which is slightly annoying to me as I forget when I bought stuff or what I bought!

And lastly, here is a picture of my Gemmell Shelves as of 2014.