2013 News


August 27th: Working on the International page, one that has been neglected for a while, despite owning the US paperback versions of the books for many many years. As I recently picked up Tales of the Drenai, it needed some attention, and also to be finished off. I have also tidied up the image folder for the site, and intend to take some better pictures as I have a camera now that is taking far better pics than I could do on my iPhone.

August 23rd: Another Gemmell related item, an audiobook of White Wolf, on 16CDs. The condition is very good, and not ex-library which most normally are, unless its been rehoused of course.

August 20th: A new addition to my 'Proof collection' - The Swords of Night and Day arrived, and very happy I am too.

June 4th: My Ghost King arrived, and its far better than my existing copy. Ex-library, stamps, spine lean, the front inner pages looks like its pulled at the top, but the dust jacket is very good condition, with some wear and a few creases, but no rips.

May 26th: The Last Sword of Power finished the other day, and hit just under £90 - I was outbid an hour or so before the auction ended and had no more left in the kitty to bid so gracefully backed out. I say gracefully, but it was far from that really. The other Ghost King finished today, and checking my book funds, I knew how much I had and it was roughly the same as what the last one went for so you do the math. As I was away all weekend, I had no choice but do lay my cards on the table and put a bid in early and see what happened. I had the only bid registered and some one had a bash a few hours before, and then surprisingly, no snipes and I won with £46 on the table. Huzzah!

May 21st: The low starting price filler Ghost King finished today, and checking my own 'not that bad' copy, I found that it had been rebound in a plain brown cover! Oh the shame. I have been way out (to my own benefit) so far with 3 out of 4 price estimations so far, so I decided to see if I could grab this for far less than the £80 I thought it may sell for. Closely watching the auction, with 5 hours to go its price was only £16.

At 30 mins to go, I was winning with a bid of £22, but then outbid (my highest was £50) about two minutes before the auction ended. Three snipes came in with around 5 seconds to go and the final price was in fact the £80 estimation that I thought it would go for. Oh well, I will bid on the other one instead - which looks to be a better cover anyway.....

Plus, my books arrived today!


It has the expected and usual spine lean and yellowed pages of a 30 year old library book and a couple of pages are loose. The spine has a puncture mark and slight split near the top and the back of the book near the spine has a few indentations. The corners are bumped and bottom of spine bumped inwards.

The dust jacket is not price clipped but is punctured at top of spine on the cover (by the L of Legend). There are splits at the inner folds and a small split at top of spine bottom, and the bottom of dustjacket at the spine is bumped.


Again, the normal spine lean with bumped corners and yellowed pages that are common in a 30 year old library book. There are also bumps to the top and bottom of the spine.It has the usual stamps and front pages removed, and some of the front few pages are a little loose.

The dust jacket is not clipped but has multiple crease on the cover and bumped and quite worn along all edges, and there are some small pieces missing from top and bottom edges of the spine.

It came with a plastic cover that I have subsequently removed which makes it less 'battered', and has all the usual library stamps, and the fact that some one managed to buy it for 25p.

The burning question now is am I happy with these books, spending that much money (to me) on them?

Of course. Not that long ago I bid £100+ on a hardback copy of Legend without a dustjacket, so to finally grab my own copy and a copy of Waylander, makes me a happy boy indeed. Of course I would have liked them in better condition, but I dont think it really matters - these books are rare enough to find in the first place. So I sat and slowly looked through each book, and then placed them in the empty space in my shelf that has been waiting nigh on 20 years to be filled. Poetic rubbish, but you know what I mean.

May 21st: Another copy of Ghost King appear for sale from the same buyer I got my Legend and Waylander from. There are about ten pictures up, and I asked for a spine shot to confirm that it was not rebound - and it isnt. The bids start at £20, and there are no bids so far with a few days left to go. Estimation? £60.

May 20th: The lovely (apart from cover rip) copy of Wolf in Shadow finished yesterday, and I would have bid had I not just got one myself a month ago. The bids were around £80 odd quid a few hours before it ended, then it went to £110, then two snipes in the final seconds took it to just under £140. Someone will be very happy with that!

May 18th: The first batch (three in total) of books are sold, so how did things go? They all had 1 bid on them all at £50 for days, then a day or so before the auction ended, a second bid was applied winning them all with £51 meaning that the original bidder had only bid the base £50. Anyway, with ten minutes to go on each auction, I laid down my bid. I watched and waited for the innevitable sniper bids to come in, which as expected they did, one at around 10 seconds and another at 5.

I have never bothered with sniper bids before - I always hated them and been 'done' by them quite a few times, but then I thought why was I getting annoyed? What is the difference if they bid a second after me or a second before the auction ends, the simple fact is that the reason why they were winning was that they outbid me, regardless of when the bid came in. Of course its that feeling of "I am winning, and have been for 6 days..." then you get done, which is the annoying part.

So, at the ten minute mark, I was wining all three, and all suprisingly at around £65 each. So what about after the snipes? Well Legend was the first book. It was handy that Legend was first, and plus and most importantly, that I had the cash available for books. I had a payment holiday on my travel card loan, so extra cash in my pocket, and I had also accidently mentioned to my mum that if she wanted to not worry about birthdays and christmas for the next few years.....yes I am that shameless. :p

So because of this, I had put down a bid similar to the estimated price that I guessed a few days ago, yes even though a dog bit it. So.............with a drumroll........dum dum derrrrrrr........Yep, Legend is mine. The snipes came in and the first bid took it £89, the second to £101 but my overall bid still outbid them, so winning with £103. Huzzah!

So my book fund was still quite flush, and not ten minutes later Waylander was up. As mentioned, I was winning that at around £60, and again the snipes came in from the same people (I was checking) bidding roughly the same amount..... and again I had bid more, winning it for £106.

Two hours later, King beyond the Gate is up. Repeat whats happened above (only one snipe this time) and I .........lose. The downside of being a sniper is that you leave the bid too late to change, and with the last two auctions close together, they had no time to really change things. However with a couple of hours spare and also a pool of cash that they hadnt spent on the previous books, one of them changed their sniper bid to be more than I had bid, and so won.

I had bid less this time as a top bid (my 'book pool' was not that much seeing as how I had already won two books) and so was outbid at the last as the winning bid was £127. Am I gutted? Yes, obviously. I could have raised my bid a little, but I suspect not enough to win.

Three more books to go, and cant believe how wrong I was with prices too....

May 15th: .......and then book six pops up. Bloody hell, this is like a Royal Flush with six cards....er, anywho....The sixth book is actually the book to complete the first six Gemmell books, Ghost King. It starts at £10 and has the description: "The book is in poor condition, an ex library copy with stamps and labels to the endpapers, complete but the binding is cracked between the endpaper and title pages and there is a significant lean to the spine. The dustjacket is in good condition, light creasing and a little wear around the edges but complete, clean, bright and unmarked."

Estimation? £80

I have Ghost King already, but mine is a little beaten and from the pictures, this seems just a little better. I doubt I will bid on it, but we will see.

May 13th: When not one, but five Gemmell hardback books turn up on ebay in the same month, you know you are in trouble. Ex-library books of Legend, Waylander, King Beyond the Gate, Last Sword of Power and a non Library Wolf in Shadow are all up at starting bids of £50-75. Yes really.

First up is Legend, starting at £50. A little torn at the top of the spine dust jacket and actually looks like a dog has bit it on the top of the spine..... it also has the usual library stamps etc, and my guesstimation for its final selling price is £170.

Waylander next. Again another £50 start, library stamps, tatty round the edges of the dust jacket but no pics of the book without jacket (plenty of DJ though). Estimation, £200.

King Beyond the Gate. Again a £50 start, but looks very good condition, with some creases at the edges of the spine on the dust jacket. I sent an email confirming if it was Ex library as its not obvious, and estimate £250, or even £500+ if not ex library.

Wolf in Shadow. £75 start, with a Buy Now of £225. The description states "In overall very good condition with minor tear to front cover. Slight wear to DJ. Tight clean pages. Much sought after and rarely seen." Its not Ex-library, and I estimate £150.

The seller sent me another picture of the bottom edge, which reinforces just how nice it looks. If not for the slightly ripped cover, it would be perfect (bar missing the sig natch.)

Last Sword of Power. Another £50 start, library stamps and usual spine lean etc. I estimate approx £100.

So, what ones do I want? While at first glance its a stupid question, as I want all of them. Realistically, due to the fact that I am not a drug dealer or millionare through birthrite, and suffer the things normal people do - pay bills and live beyond my means without trying to buy books I cant afford....so what do I want?

I can ignore Wolf in Shadow. I have a very nice copy of that now that I replaced the 'stuck cover' version that I had, and I could ignore Last Sword as well, as I have a (very poor) copy of that as well, meaning Legend, Waylander and King Beyond the Gate are left. Legend is dog eaten (quite literally?), King is a book that I personally did not enjoy as much as a lot of his other books (it would not be turned down if on sale alone, just in this instance of whittling down), leaving just one book as my remaining 'sensible' choice to bid on. I still want them all, but with funds to pick just one, Waylander is it.

Hmmmm.....unless I replace the cover of my WiS with the ripped one of course.....:)

April 19th: Oooo a new book for me, or rather an old one. Ex Library, but in lovely condition, and replaces my version that had the stuck on cover. It was a present, so very happy indeed but I found that the cost was around £100.

April 12th: Just updating some older pages with pictures - the 2007 page this time, and I finished the Proof page.

Some other auctions of note currently, a collection of library editions including Legend went for £300 (included Legend, 2x Morningstar, Last Sword of Power, Wolf in the Shadow, and The Last Guardian.) Obviously I dont have Legend, and the WiS looked better than my own, but the other books would have been wasted on me, so I did not bid - well thats my excuse for not having £300+ anyway.

Another large collection is up as well - it was up for £1200, and now 'just' £1k, but it does have a lot of nice books in it, including the three Vol of Drenai Tales (all signed) the 200 edition of the Legend GN, Troy slipcase and a LoD Proof. Chuck in another 15 unsigned but 1st edition books (inc Morningstar, Lion of Macedon etc) it is a nice haul and I hope he gets the grand he wants, although personally if I was selling those I would seperate them, I think he would get more.

April 9th: After I was cruely gazumped by someone buying the Stella Gemmell Proof of The City - well, thats my point of view seeing as how I was bidding on it and then it was removed from eBay before it completed with the excuse 'asked to remove it from auction by the publishers', I won a copy on eBay, paying £35.

Feb 6th: I bought my first purchase for the year, the Legend Game for the Spectrum. Although perfect on the outside, I dont think they expected anyone to be collecting it 25 years later and the case is seemingly made of eggshells and broke in transit. The outer case is superb, the Legend paperback that accompanies it is also superb, and it includes the sample instruction booklet and map, just missing a paper key overlay. Very pleased indeed.

Jan 11th: Updated a few pictures as I borrowed a camera from work. They are far better than the ones I took with my iPhone and so I just need to take a few hundred more to cover all the angles of all the books.

Jan 9th: Working on the site again, this time the News 2008 page, taking pictures of the books mentioned in that year and uploading them. I really need to research how to take decent pictures, as I am just shite with a camera, and although I am just using my iPhone, I bet even a grands worth of SLR would look like I took it with a webcam from the 90's. I also started on the largest page, 2007, adding four books worth of pictures.

Jan 8th: Some much needed love as I update this website. I have archived the news from the main page to the News 2012 page, and then gone back and edited the page to reflect the books I bought (as I was a little cryptic) and to add pictures. I spent a few hours changing the layout of the news pages, and then used that template and applied it to the older news pages.

Updated Pages: Main Page, News 2012, News 2009, News 2008, News 2007

Jan 1st: My Gemmell shelves currently look like this, and no, I still have not read the last two Troy books...