2012 News


December 2012: An update to add the pictures of the purchases made in the last year.

Shield of Thunder Proof Edition - A beautiful proof edition of the Troy book, signed and dated two weeks! before he died, apparently sold by the estate of a relative of Davids (according to the ebay listing). The week before I lost £30 on selling some George Martin Game of Throne books that I didnt really want but stupidily bid for (BCA editions) and then I ended up winning this for around £30, and would have paid twice that (and more). I love Karma when it works for me.

Tales of the Rigante, the US equivalent of a BCA edition, collecting the two Rigante books: Sword in the Storm and Midnight Falcon, a collection not made in the UK. I paid $30 inc shipping, but the shipping cost more than the book....

Drenai Tales Volume Two. Collecting Quest for Lost Heroes, Waylander II and The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend, and paid the pricenly sum of £95. It is flat signed by David Gemmell to the title page.

Drenai Tales Volume One. Collecting Legend, Waylander and King Beyond the Gate. I had the trade paperback version of this, but found recently that it was damaged, and so needed little pushing to buy this lovely signed edition and the most I have spent on a book to date - £180.

Sept 13th: Book four for the year, a lovely proof edition.

July 12th: Another book bought! My 3rd in two months, and I have updated various pages.

July 5th: Not one but two books bought - more detailed info to come when they arrive, but suffice to say my International Editions page is now being worked on.

June 15th: More updates:

  • Compilations page added
  • More tinkering with the single column design
  • Tinkering with images and taking new ones
  • Bought a fridge - which is not a rare austrian version of a Gemmell book, but it means I have more space for beer.

June 6th: A few updates to the site:

  • Removed Midnight Falcon as a signed book requirement (bought at some time between updates)
  • Updated the small pic to show my collection rather than a random book
  • Removed links to the old pages
  • Updated the Hardbacks I actually need now
  • Some random tinkering as I work out what I do with the template
  • Converted the Legend Graphic Novel Page
  • Started the Samplers Page
  • Mucked about with the title

I have also made contact with someone who has books to sell, so watch this space for updates, or rather read along to my upcoming tales of woe as I try and extract a holiday, my daughters birthday, a new fridge and very expensive Gemmell books from my wages.

April 1st: Reprinted from my normal blog pages:

I had a few doubles of some David Gemmell books as I replaced them for older versions or signed versions, so decided to let someone else bid on one, with others to follow. The bidding ended today on a BCA version of Druss the Legend. It had a slight bump to the front bottom corner, and was signed to someone called 'Stuart' but otherwise very nice, with a dustjacket well looked after. Well it would be, coming from my home.

It sold for a staggering £120.

Oh wait, I forgot the decimal place, I meant £1.20. After my well packaged and heavy parcel was taken to the post office, and paying the ebay/paypal fees at each end, I think I came out earning exactly nothing. I sold some DC52 comics early first editions and got nothing really on those, so I think I should just stick to buying, I seem to do better with that.

The others that I intended to sell? I gave three signed copies to my daughter who said that she had a mate who read them, and the unsigned hardbacks I will give to the library - then at least they will be still near me. Yes I know that sounds creepy, but if I sold them all and had the hassle of going to the post office and people paid those kinds of prices, I think I would be turned away as no one wants to serve a grown man crying as he hands over a parcel.

March 30th: I start this three year hiatus to this specific part of my website with a repeat of something that is now archived as my last post in 2009:

"No new books, or should I say no old books bought. Oh, and still have not read the last two Troy books. Yes, that means they have been sitting on my shelf for three years.."

Replace the three years with six years now though, as I still have not read the last two Troy Books, despite the fact that this year I have already read about six other Gemmell books. Despite not having anything new to add at the moment, I am going to spend some time updating this site to the same style at least as I left half the pages on a style from the 90's while the front pages are a nice (to me) new style.

I am still looking for books, but I am at the time in my collecting cycle that I not only need to get lucky to find something I want in the first place, but that its a decent price, and most importantly that I have that much disposable income to be able to not tell the missus I actually spent buying it. All of this becomes harder and harder as time goes on as I really only need the first few books and they are the ones that are the most expensive.