2008 News


October 11th: No news for ages, and I am still looking for a signed (non dedicated) copy of Midnight Falcon. I have just picked up a US Proof edition of Troy: Fall of Kings (and no, I still have not read them) for £10, of which I dont think the seller was too happy letting it go at that price. Put it this way, after sending me an email to say "....well someone has got themselves a bargin..." he followed it up with "...no response, shall I relist?" as I had not replied within 21 hours of winning.

My response was curt.

I am curently reading the back catalogue of Terry Pratchett, by characters (Witches, now on Soldiers) and I have yet to properly start the Scott Lynch books, which I managed to pick up hardback copies off for around £20 each, rather than the £80 for the first one at least.

April?: I bought a hardback ex-library version of Wolf in Shadow. Slight spine lean (left to right) but a really tight copy. Its been rebound by the library, and so has no loose dust jacket as it is stuck to the book itself - check the title and Gemmell's name on the image below, they are wrapped round the inside of the book nearly.

There are a few libray stamps on the pages, and a library name stamp to the top of the pages. Clean white pages throughout, no tears, but occasional fingerprint. Slight yellowing to pages on the outside of the pages. Overall, very happy - especially as I paid £40.

February 7th: Just one book to go, and its on ebay at the moment. I will let you know how I get on...