2007 News


November 1st: Sorry - no updates for a while, laptop out of action, and sitting up on my PC is seen as 'game time' and so I might as well do what I am accused off :p

Anyway, onto the books - Picked up a Signed Fall of Kings (9th) by Stella for £40 (prices have been around £40 to £55, so I was pleased to get one at the lowest end of the bidding to date.

June 28th: My list of 'signed books required' gets smaller and smaller, as I have just added a Signed Mint condition Stormrider (8th) to my collection. Normally hitting £50 to £70, the last couple have been around the £30 mark, and both of them I missed, or were at mid month end times. My copy was £25, so I was chuffed to bits.

April 25th: Just updated the prices etc, and cleaned out my ebay history which I keep to watch prices.

April 3rd: Got another Book in my postal sack this morning, a signed copy of Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow (7th) , paying £21 for it. Chuffed is the expression! :p

March 21st: Recieved my latest DG Signed book, Echoes of the Great Song (6th) for £38.50, nearly half the £65 that I see it for normally. Well, when I say normally, I dont actually see it very often, just a couple of times at a Buy Now of £65. There is another on sale now though, with a low starting price, but I am very happy with the copy I have.

Feb 26th: The first book is sold (that I have seen) for more than £1000, as Waylander and a minutes worth of DVD footage goes for £1550....

Feb 3rd: Won a signed edition of Ravenheart (5th) for £31. Very nice indeed! Hmm, no more for a while now, I have spent £200 this year on Gemmell books.....it has massively reduced my list though! :p Thats five books this year..

January 28th: Ooo. Just won a 1st edition Legend paperback (4th) in near mint condition (nice tight corners and no spine creases) for £31. The pages are brown to the edges as expected, and the spine is slightly faded, but a lovely book.

January 22nd: I have decided to make this site more in line with my other pages, and so have added news relative to these pages - even if it is just for me to read back a year or so later. I have been quite fortunate that I have had a little bit of cash to spend on Gemmell books during this month, and helped along by the fact that even when I think I may not get the book I want, one comes along...

Earlier in the month I also won a Legend of Deathwalker UK Proof edition for £45 and a Library edition of Last Sword of Power for £65 (condition detailed below), and a supurb signed copy of Druss the Legend for £41.

Last Sword of Power

Ex Library edition. Severe spine roll, but the dust jacket is intact. All the usual library stamps and a section has been cut out from one of the front leading white pages where the library check-in was removed. Original boards, and all pages appear intact (other than front papers as mentioned)

It also smelt heavily of smoke at one time, but this has now gone. Its the severe spine lean that makes it look worse than it is, and it will do until I get one better.

Additional Images added [October 2014]