International Editions


Those books that are either simply foreign versions of books that are are available here in the UK with different covers and or publishers, or they were released only in that country (like the French Waylander 25th Anniversary book.) There are also some US SciFi & Fantasy Book Club compilations, two that I know of: Tales of the Rigante, covering Sword in the Storm and Midnight Falcon, and Legends of the Drenai, which differs from The Drenai Tales Vol 1 by excluding Waylander and including Quest for the Lost Heroes instead.

Against The Horde & Others

American paperback versions that I have picked up, realesed by New Infinities Productions. All of the ones that I have seen so far have a puncture hole in the top right corner - a customs thing perhaps?

Legend is named 'Against the Horde' for these US editions, while Waylander and King Beyond the Gate remain the same.

King beyond the Gate is in the best condition, while Waylander, the first book of the trilogy that I picked up, is badly battered (or well read depending on your viewpoint.) To be fair, I did find it in a second hand junk shop stuffed in the bottom of a box. I could replace them for better copies, and probably will do, but for now, they stay as they are. I know that Gemmell was not all that keen on the cover of Against the Horde - I think he was ok with Rek, but he said Druss just looked too small and not imposing or having enough presence to be able to do the things he did, although he remarked it was better than the 'armoured Dwarf' cover of the Legend paperback (pale cover).

SFBC: Tales of the Rigante

Tales of the Rigante, a US BCA edition of

Tales of the Rigante, a US BCA edition of


My copy is perfect, and cost xxx, with shipping costing more than that

Legends of the Drenai

US edition of the Drenai Tales Vol 1, but removes The King beyond the Gate for Quest for the Lost Heroes.




My copy looks ok from the front, but the spine and rear have taken a little battering. Sadly, it was from a Book Warehouse rather than a book store in the US, and the packagaing was little more than stiffened paper, so there is no way to know what its condition was originally. I only paid $10 for the book, and more for it to be shipped - total cost was under £20 though.