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This web site is purely to help me track my current David Gemmell Books and the rarities that I need to complete my collection. When I say collection, I have all of his books obviously, I am simply talking about replacing paperback versions with Ex-Library Hardback versions, and then Ex-Library Hardback versions with excellent condition Hardback versions....

With the sad death of David Gemmell on the 28th July 2006, the prices of his books are obviously still very high, with signed books especially sought after. As a very rough guide, for a Hardback in excellent condition and signed (either generically, such as 'To a Legend' or just with DG's name) expect to pay £30 to £100 for books dating back up to 10 years.

Anything past 10 years old rises steeply (such as Morning star, Lion of Macedon etc are £300+) Once you get to the first six books, you are likely to pay £500 to £1000.

Please note that any prices I mention are mere guidelines only and have massive gaps in them - in some cases years, as I simply found myself priced out of the books I would love to own, meaning that I rarely am in a position to have the money to buy one, and when I do, do not find anything for sale.

Such is the life of (poor) collectors everywhere.....

Oh, and feel free to drop by a few sites that I see collectors commenting on:


2016 News


November 9th: It came! The wonderful signed copy of Legend that I bought. My missus was talking about what had happened during the day etc, while I paid no attention as I carefully opened the package. I had to contain my glee while nodding appropriately to whatever she was telling me when all I wanted to do was a litle happy dance that I am prety sure she would not understand.

Website updates; In the 2015 page, I added French Legend pics that were missing. I also added the fact that my Gemmell shelves are missing some books.

November 8th: Website updates. My images were all over the place, so I started colating them back into the years the books were bought (just to add this makes zero difference to anyone but me) and adding pictures that for some reason I omitted, I guess mostly because they empasised how bad the copy I bought was....but if you cant show that some of us are idiots and will buy a dog eaten book, then what can you show? Also, if I only keep the version of Last Sword of Power I currently have listed, then you wont see all the other versions I may have bought along the way.

I may need to retake some pics as well (my old camera phone was blurry, and then started to bleed pink in some picture areas) - but lets get it all done first shall we?

  • 2014 page: Added a few missing pictures. Tidied pictures into year folders.
  • 2013 page: Added a few missing pictures. Tidied pictures into year folders. Tidied some HTML code. Resized some photos.
  • Home page: Added current bookcase pic, and missing pics of the two German editions I picked up around Easter.
  • 2012 Page: Added a few missing pictures. Tidied pictures into year folders. Tidied some HTML code. Resized some photos.
  • 2008 and 2009: Minimal adjustments.
  • 2007 Page: Added a few missing pictures. Tidied pictures into year folders.
  • Graphic Novel Page: Added Shannow pics. Tidied pictures into year folders.

November 7th: Lets start (well.....nearly end, but lets not split hairs) the year how I always have done so far. Apologizing for the lack of updates. The site had not been updated in more than a year and again I had work that I had thought I had already uploaded but hadn't - this is now rectified. Its all a little haphazard, so apologies, hence the 'bookcase shot' that normally starts the year off being posted in November and me retro adding the German books I got sometime around Easter.

The big difference this year is that I have actually read the last two Troy books a few months back, and jolly good they are too. With it being 10 years since he died, I thought it somehow fitting to finally read them (sometime during July/August.)

Here is my obligitory picture of my Gemmell shelves this year. There are quite a few out of shot - I still have the same sized bookcase and an expanding Gemmell collection so the things off the top of my head not shown below are:

  • Drenai Tales Vol 1 softcover
  • The original three paperbooks USA versions
  • Legend 'white' cover paperback
  • French Legend Limited edition
  • SFX paperback
  • A few Hardback doubles
  • A few old paperback version of the first three to five books

Site updates are long overdue, and I will make it my mission to sort this out. Today, just a quick update to the images on the Graphic Novel page so they fitted in the slide show code I had, rather than overlap. I am missing loads of photos as well, so will arrange for them to be taken, as well as expand upon the half arsed notes I made for 2015.

Graphic Novels Page: Added slideshow. Removed smaller pictures, slightly reduced larger pictures to fit in page. Made adjustment to title by reducing space between title and text. Missing pictures of Shannow GN to complete.

Easter: A friend was visiting Germany, and I had seen some German Gemmell Hardbacks, all costing far too much due to postage, so giving him a list, he managed to pick me up a couple from these are the ones I have - I think they were roughly a tenner each.

Legend and King Beyond the Gate.