Welcome intermaweb explorer, and make thine self comfortable with soft plushness in the form of cushions made of fabrics from continents yonder. A new teller of tales has commanded the sacred books of yore and within its pages, weaves mystery and terrible danger as brave fresh faced specimens delve the depths of the Castle White Rock.

Check the links at the top of this tomb, which I pray are self explanatory enough to any intrepid adventurer, and read our exciting, nay extra-ordinary tales! Fear not how they sound, as simply perusing such daring deeds that have been accomplished means that you dear reader are safe, for it is us merry adventurers that have already faced peril most foul! And one day, if such is your intent, then you may learn and pick up upon the hidden secrets that are required to be special and bold heroes just like us.

Now if that hasn't grabbed your attention, nothing will. So, grab a coffee and read those daring tales, or simply peruse the disjointed and thoroughly weird and wonderful thought processes of your host, me.

11th May: What manner of Wizardry is this? A chapter? Just accept it, you may not see another for a long long time - this one took 5 years from time played to time published after all....

11th April: A cracking start to the year for this site, as I dont update these pages for 4 months from Jan until now....and not that I updated much last year either with a staggering nine posts in 2015.

It is all still down to Guild Wars, where I am making the equivalent of 300 posts a year realesed in monthly chapterly chunks. These chapters have almost daily notes, screenshots and videos even, almost entirely composed of me talking shite. Thats how you get the viewers and subscribers in!

Anyhoo, what a difference a decade and a half makes - Everquest versus Guild Wars 2...I think I finished Bodi at around 70 days, or 1680hrs, for reference I am at around 1150hrs (700/450) across my two Ranger Mains in GW2.