2008 News

October 18th: Been reading Order of the Stick - not only is it funny, its D&D funny! There are 600! comics, and I am now about half way through. Briliiant, and I think I will buy the books or a t-shirt - what can be better to turn up to a session with a t-shirt like this? Very apt indeed..I have requested one to be made though :p

Oh, and Chapter 4 is up now.

October 15th: Another of my blogrants, as I get wound up massively about the most stupid of things, an advert about beauty products. Why do I get annoyed about a series of adverts that are not aimed at me? Unsure, but bear with me.

My anger is regarding the statistics of the adverts. The new pro-anal retentitive plumpness that is offered by beautifying the colestral rice flakes in your skin, has the backing of 79% of the people that have used it. The trouble is, the tiny little asterisk near the percentage refers to only a handful of people, in some cases 200. With size of the population in the UK, you can only find 200 people? The figure is always an odd one as well, never rounded. Some people may be suspisious in this, and say well perhaps 200 people = 67%, but remove some people and 187 people makes the percentage 79%, far far better.

Did you know that trading standards removed Barbie/Action figure toys from moving by themselves within adverts in a kind of stop start animation, and instead added a childs hand manipulating the poses so that people would not be lead to think that they could actually move by themseleves! So why are percentage scores for these products, and there made up scientific type words not standardised? If every advert said in tiny writing their % is based on 500 or better 1000 people, then people like me wont get the arse. I admit that I am in a small minority of mental cases worried enough about things like this, but still.

Bring back the magical moving toys is what I say....

September 4th: Been on a massive old school House and Electro revival, and have been listening to classsics such as Nitro Deluxe, Lets get Brutal, Man Parish, Hip Hop Dont Stop, Frankie Knuckles Satoshi Tomiie - Tears and been ripping them via Audacity to my Samsung Touch Phone.

I also came across this young lady, DJ Ama who uses upto date house and breaks, and is very good indeed... Her website also has 'mix tapes' that you can download - 4 as of yesterday, and each one when burnt to a CD as a Music CD, fills a disc.

School has started and I am busy busy again which is good, and hopefully I can get some time off soon, perhaps in a few weeks time, seeing as how we Killdisk'd 219 PCs, humped 219 PCs up/down stairs, Installed 16 Macs; 10 Interactive whiteboards; 219 new PC's, 240 Office 2007 upgrades and a partridge in a pear tree. Not too shabby a workload for 2! people...

Still spending a disproportionate time here and my build thread has hit 400 posts, has had 26,000+ views, and I have nearly hit 1000 posts with 200+ thankyous. Not bad for only joining 6 months ago. Oh, and apart from some of the dire releases that come out, Blu-Ray and the now very dead HD-DVD look absolutely amazing, and to someone that enjoys a film, it really does make a difference - but dont forget that sound also improves the viewing experience as well.

Oh, and I got my Magic cards mentioned the other day...

September 1st: I feel a blogrant coming on....about the Postal Service. Its pretty obvious that the postal service was rescued by ebay, dwindling proper letters as people communicate via email or online banking meant that the only thing being delivered was spam and parcels. Ebay becomes so widespread that housewives sell baby clothes on it, bolsters the postal service to a level probably just above the minimum it needed to stay a float, and they carry on. Of course this will not last if they continue to close Post Offices as I cant be the only one to see that this will prevent people from taking their items that need to be sent to the buyer?

Anyway, back to my point. I order goodies (Magic cards natch) and the first lot go missing. Another lot is sent, and arrive Sat afternoon at 2pm, when obviously people are out - oh forgot to mention the screwed up delivery times as well in my above observations, and I get a nice card. I go to my depot this morning, 10 min drive away, and its not there. Why? Because it has gone to Nine elms, some 15 miles+ away from where I actually live, rather to the sorting office round the corner.

Why bother sending me a note if I cant pick the bloody thing up?

August 28th: Chapter Three is up...

August 26th: Back to work after 2 days off - we managed to sneak in a few days after completing the bulk of the large 200+ PC installation we had here in the summer. Me and Mrs Tenpast went to Southend on Sea for a few days, and are never ever going back. You all know me - hardly what you would call middleclass by anyones standards, but fcuk me, that place is full of all the UKs trailor trash all descended into one small area. I summed it up as "...the place where Jeremy Kyle goes looking for people for his show.." and then we quickly left, travelling to Rochford (a few miles up the road, and looks like footballers live there in million pound houses, and Chelmsford, which is really nice.

Back to Oblivion on one of my days (the other spent painting...yes, really) and I have added another few mods: Deadric Invasion, Lost Spires and Bandit Hideouts. Bandit Hideouts does exactly what it says on the tin, and adds a couple of houses with basements that contain 6+ bandits of various classes dotted around the countryside. Breaks nothing, adds more immersion by the fact that bandits would have a proper hideout rather than all living in caves, and is nicely done.

Deadric Invasion on the other hand is far more in your face - it is based on the premise that you alone are not the sole person that can defend towns, and so has random spawns of raiding parties, both good and evil. The Evil party is comprised of Deamora chieftains and numerous Oblivion creatures which will actually make there way from a gate to its closest town and more importantly, enter the town to attack villagers and guards. This adds another dimension to the game - you think you are simply going to Anvil (my 'home' town) to sell some crap, and then you have Clannfear matriachs and hungers killing the townsfolk and the beggars. Brilliant.

The Good party are made up from Mage and Fighters guild members, as well as extra guards, and they leave the town, and enter Oblivion gates and raid them...in one persons post, he found a load of slain people in his Oblivion gate, loads of slain monsters, and made his way up a sparsley populated spire to discover a dead guard right near the Sigil stone. How good is that?

Lost Spires is a mod I have only just started, but already can see that its very very good. The modder basically got a team together to create this to add to his CV to show future employers how good he is, and with full voice acting, new textures and items, he has done bloddy well indeed. You join up with the Alchemy guild, and after introductions get sent to help clear out area's of naughty lads. I will add more on this later....

I explained to Brad the other day I was treating Oblivion as a single player Everquest - I intend to finish off Shivering Isles and the faction quests in normal Oblivion (only the last few NightBrother and the majority of the Mage Quests to go), as well as other mods along the way, before finally finishing the main quest and to me 'ending' the game, so then I can start all over again in a post apocolyptic version of Cyrodiil :p

August 18th: A massive session of Oblivion has been enjoyed by me, as I finished off the Knights of the Nine storyline, continue to Rebuild Kvatch, and have nearly finished the Fighters Guild Quests.

Knights of the Nine was a very good quest line I must say, even if it does start with the dreadful Bethseda way of announcing its own quests by having what would be the equivalent of a medieval Instant Message pop up and announce its start, rather than have you stumble across it by rumour or location. The armour and weapons found as part of the quest are also not all that awe inspiring at all, and the final boss is rather crap - I had even wore all the armour found and used the weapon I was given than my own high end enchanted gear, just to make it a better fight. But despite that rather damming review, I did enjoy it.

Kvatch Rebuilt on the other hand is a joy to behold. Quests come in a stream, normally a week or two apart in game times to represent the growth and clearing of Kvatch, and the last quest I did was very well done. Blood on the road prompts you to examine further, finding a trial, with a camp that has been stealing supplies, that is run by some other bandits trying to increase their foothold - I know it still breaks down to go here, kill all, find evidence and return to speaker, but its done with style. Plus, combined with the difficulty level I have it on, plus the Monster Mobs, I end up with a proper huge bandit fight. This was a brilliant fight - There must have been at least a dozen bandits in one area, and I had passed a Oblivion gate nearby, so I ran off, tagged all the beasts, ran back to the camp, and hid in the chaos, backstabbing when I thought appropriate.

I intend to finish off all the quests (Fighter, Mage and Dark Brotherhood) complete Shivering Isles, and then finish off the main game. That way I have had a superb time in Oblivion, and can leave that to start playing other games - I got R6 Vegas 2, Ghost Recon 2 and the Never Winter Nights 2 Mask of Betrayers add-on for my birthday :p

Oh, and in web related news, I amended Shadows Elf parentage to Halfling as requested.

August 13th: Happy Birthday to me...I have to remind myself that it is my birthday, as no one remembered*, oh, except the spam bots at forums:

Hello Theydon Bois, We at AVForums would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

Hello GrassyKnoll53, We at ENWorld - Morrus' 4th Edition D&D / d20 News and Reviews Site would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

.....see somebody loves me!

* I of course am exempt from this being used against me, as in "....well you never remember my birthday!" as I have used it in written form first. Kind of like saying Jinx, no returns!

August 10th: With Dave joining us once more, I have added his Character Shadow to the Character page, as well as the excellent background story he has written. Come on the rest of you - get something written down and handed in.....

Everyones XP totals are up to date, as well as our meagre party loot. This should be fun as with some people not far from levelling, no one will have any cash to be able to do it, unless we sell Brother Ashitaka down the docks, and then sell his corpse.

July 16th: Finished writing Chapter Two - Trixie versus the Owl Bear is up for your reading delight (hopefully) - Check the journal page for it literary delights...

July 7th: Updated the image to reflect me and SpiderMonkey, and I am I promise getting back to writting the diary once more....

June 07: The image in the top corner will change - it was one of the figures I had contemplated using for Tenpast, but it turns out to be female, with quite obvious breasts, so I decided to leave it. I ordered a huge stack of figures from the D&D minis, at really good prices from the US - basically multiples of commons, a few lads for me to check which one I wanted, a Wolf for spider Monkey, a Dire bear and even a troll if I live long enough to become one.

I will probably buy a few more, depending on things go - they look ok, and I reckon some of the elementals look ok when I start conjuring and becoming them...

Strangely enough, Wizards have not created a pack based on the Summon lists (either Monster or Natural creature), but hopefully they will address this soon.

This front page will evolve as I work on it and as the adventure progresses, but for the moment, please excuse its spartan-ness, and head to the journal section to read the first chapter....