Chapter Twenty Three –"Combo Wishes"

In the silence that follows the last of the Ice Elemental’s collapse, Brother Ashitaka notices a leather bound notepad lying amongst the ice, and picking It up, brushes some Snowman off the book to reveal that the cover is embossed with a wolf. Looking about to make sure he is not noticed, he pockets the book. As the rest of the party begin to pick over the ice and poke about in the corners for treasures, the Monk begins to flicks through the pages. He pauses at some of the things that Tenpast has written about, noticing the crude and weirdly intimate drawings and what appear to be poems about his long lost wolf Spider Monkey.

Skimming through some pages, the Monk also notices how the Druid seems to have made the whole journey through the cave systems somehow all about him, while managing to gloss over the fact that his minimal involvement involves a combination of dance, shouting loudly, or using long words or obscure references in sentences that others don’t quite understand.

Brother Ashitaka frowns and slips the book into his bag, and the party continue with their adventures throughout the rest of the day. That night, while on watch, he starts to write his version of the tale to date......


“We started out with me once again ferrying the party across the trap with some discussion about the how's and whys about the icy rooms in the middle of a volcano and stupid stupid pit traps. We continued down a corridor and round a corner to see Mr Genie show up, hovering over a fire pit. He spoke to us about how our decisions have marked us for death, but then confused us by saying that although we have slain his minions, we can have their jobs if we want as they were a bit rubbish really and that he will grant us a wish if we stay.

‘Wish’ is quite literally a magic word so we immediately all gather around as per normal to have a team talk. Mr Genie was not very happy at this, as we cut him off mid sentence during his monologue, just as he was rambling on about ‘powerful beings’ and ‘serving him well’ and he got even more annoyed when we started asking imaginary questions about one legged pirate combo wishes. This angriness turned from mere annoyance to actually starting to cast spells at us from long range and out of our vision.

Everyone then started running around like idiots making their way down the cavern, so I decided to run around the darkened room to find him, which I did. I stopped at a reasonable distance from him, yet his gangly spiky pole attack still reached me for a hurtful blow and then poisoned me, sapping lots of my strength, although I was still stronger than the Magic people.

Then there was some cannon fodder action from the party as everyone all ran in, with a lot of damage being dealt to us, so I swiftly issued orders to retreat to the cold room which Mr Genie wouldn’t like, and we ran away under the cover of a Druid fart cloud. I again quickly ferried the Cleric followed by the confused Fighter strolling along in the fog behind me, while the Magic people jumped into the pit trap like lemmings rather than try and wait for help being ferried across.  

As we all run into the cold room, most feel the sting of cold (but not me as I was protected) and we all meet up again from various doors, only to notice that not all of us were present.

After taking the retreat register and realizing that someone had made an error I quickly sprinted back out into the corridor to see the Fighter wandering off down the wrong way with a non-magical look of confusion on his face.

Some harsh language soon got him coming back and just in the nick of time as the gangly Mr Genie was hot on our tail with his combo wishing spear thing.  As per normal the angry Mr Genie stopped out of our range and began hitting us with his orangutan arms and therefore thwarting our cold corridor plan meaning the party also had to enter the icy area to fight him.

Knowing that his weapon was a long reach weapon I again shouted the tactical commands to box the genie in which worked a treat. Well for a while there was damage from both sides and soon the Cleric fell over yet no one could run to his aid as the boxing in tactic was more important – which is “ it should be” when spoken from the master tactician and close combat specialist monk.

After exchanging many blows the female magic midget managed to make Mr Genie sleep to everyone's relief, or at least the brief moments until the coward with many shapes looks at us with an embarrassed look on his face telling us that he again has used his magic in a way that will aid the enemies as he often does. In this case a spell that will damage him again shortly and therefore wake him up – why are we not surprised at such a common accident? Looking around I remember the Fighter couldn’t seem to hold on to his weapon much during the fight and the Cleric is still laying on the floor - it was a fine effort from him though before I heard his last girly scream. Another thing that crossed my mind during the fight was the Druid once again dancing around like an idiot rather than doing something useful, but that is not unusual.

Thinking on my feet again I order the party to drag the genie to the pit trap which after trying we realize that we had more chance of pushing the wall down the pit. To not let the Druid waste a potential fight winning effort by the female magic midget, I snatch up the over sized Glaive Mr Genie was wielding just as he wakes to some minor sleep depriving damage. With a look of innocence I unconvincingly hide the oversized weapon behind my back and fight on with two hands behind my back. 

Another few minutes of us all exchanging blows until Mr Genie is finally downed. There are a few shameful faces around, but nevertheless a fight won well.”


My normal notes and musings on this chapter were sadly lost when my iPad crashed and was unable to be recovered so needed a fresh install. As Pages does not have Dropbox support, and I stupidly had not emailed myself a copy as I tend to do, I lost the notes for this chapter. It wasn’t until a little while after we had played the session as well, so I emailed the rest of the party to try and get some idea on what actually happened. I have mentioned countless times that my normal chapter writing does not come out of thin air – I need something to jog my memory, and the only thing I could remember was the title I had chosen for the chapter and some rough outlines of the fight itself.  

Brad however stepped up to the plate with this magnificent replacement for my lost work. Thanks again mate!


Played: xx/xx/10
Draft Started: 10/04/12
1st Draft Finished: 11/04/12
Posted: 12th April 2012