Chapter Twenty –"The Man in Black"

Standing over the unconscious form of McFlurry, we quickly get ropes and a gag out to tie him up and silence him, while stripping him of his weapons and cloak. Stumpy arrives just in time to heal us of our Monk inflicted wounds and the sword talks rudely to us, denying any involvement as to why McFlurry’s suddenly turned into a mentalist. Chunk decides to pick up the Great sword anyway, cleverly wearing his mittens in an attempt to not get possessed.

The Sword apparently was a person at one point and in this process his wife tried to resurrect him, transferring his consciousness into the sword, but then left him within the Sword and here in the casket, never returning. Trixie tries to help by saying “… perhaps we can get your wife resurrected as a scabbard,” but the sword either does not or chooses not to hear this. 

There is a fine looking Shield in the casket as well, which is given to Idjit and Chunk still wields the sword, admittedly, at arm’s length for the moment. We are also told that the hilt contains a finger within it to be raised at a later date by her, but a cursory glance does not reveal anything.

A search of the rest of the room reveals nothing and Chunk gets to know the sword well, chatting away as we do all the hard work of searching. Trixie is soon on its list of annoying people with barbed comments flying at him mixed in with half sensible questions from everyone else. The sword is called Bezentine or something, quickly shortened or renamed to Bez, and we leave the room dragging McFlurry with us.

We wake McFlurry a short time later, and after suitable questioning, reluctantly give him stuff back. As we are all mashed, we start to search around the safer area’s we have already travelled, rather than continue blindly onwards to see if there are any other exits or more secret doors.

Hours of searching pass, and finally we make our way back to move the rocks out of the way to get to the lava waterfall, and I watch as McFlurry and Idjit move rocks away, helping in my own special way by clapping.

I finally inspire the workers to finish their menial labour and discover yet more fiery lava for me to explore. The others however feel tired and worn out from their laborious task – not sure why, as I feel fit as a fiddle, and so we leave to go and hide in the secret room for the night.

We wake and sort out spells before deciding to head back to the freshly discovered lava room, but on opening the secret door, spy a lizard man who is peeking round the corner. He quickly tells us to leave, and runs off before we can ask any questions, or in Trixie’s case, shoot him.

Obviously ignoring the lizard creature, we are back in the lava room, which is unbearable and quite possibly certain death for the rest of the party. Dressed splendidly in my Harssaf pyjamas, I quite happily search the area, bathing in the lava and digging around trying to discover nooks and crannies. The room itself seems to only contain a lava waterfall within, with channels cut around the edges of the room to take the lava deeper into the cave system. A good hour of searching underneath and behind the waterfall soon bestows me with a weird looking rock, which when moved, reveals a door into a small chamber bathed in blue light.

Stepping inside, I the room is very cool and untouched by lava. A stone carved pedestal has an orb resting on top of it that looks some kind of crystal ball. I move closer and pick it up with one eye closed in trepidation, and when nothing happens, look at the orb closely. Within moments of me picking it up, it has turned into a Kukri, a weapon commonly used by the Harssaf.

I search the rest of the small room and find nothing, so return to the rest of the party who are sitting waiting for me where it’s not quite so hot. I show them the orb, and what it does for me, while Bez through Chunk explains “…that his wife was working on a weapon to be able to kill an Efreeti…,” but he knows nothing more about it.

As we start to move out of this section, a man in black armour hovering in the air appears behind us quickly making threatening gestures and telling us to “leave now.” Now I know I am not the only one who thinks that this rather rude behaviour is beginning to grate. How on earth are honest adventurers like us supposed to make a living if all the people in the various dungeons keep bleating on about “leave now” combined with some kind of threat, I don’t know. A top tip for you evil types, if you want to experiment in peace, don’t go stealing villagers to do so, it only brings attention to yourself, and then you have to put up with lord knows how many people burning things, knocking down doors or traipsing blood and mud through your entry halls.

It turns out that I was not the only one, as Trixie quickly responds as a true Sorcerer should, and blasts him with a spell, sadly to zero effect. This ‘nothing happens’ is repeated by many, as Idjit rushes up and rugby tackles him but misses, and when all of the armoured man’s attacks fail as well, he has the good grace to look sheepish after his warnings of doom.

McFlurry rushes forward and then tumbles past, tripping him as he moves past, so that the armoured man is half floating in the air. Chunk uses the very powerful effect from his sword, transforming himself into a very powerful warrior version of himself, who then rages into a mental thrashing thing and then smashes through the party in the corridor. With no weapons and no way forward, I watch to see if Chunk is going to go mental, while Trixie casts fly on herself.

Idjit strikes the black armoured man while he is down and flanked by McFlurry, while Stumpy casts silence on him, which sadly fails, and allows the evil Cleric to Doom-Tide us in return.

Idjit has been smashing away at the shield and it has finally dropped, but he is hit in return, the multiple maces flailing in the air as the Ranger dodges this way and that. McFlurry misses, and then gets hit badly, dropping while trying to trip the armoured foe.
Idjit drags Chunk out and then a massive battle happens which ends with Chunk hitting the bloke very hard, causing spells to trigger off which seem to shield or armour him and then heal him, before he disappears. Chunk is still raging hard, causing McFlurry to crawl off as he spies the danger, but poor Trixie is blatted in the head by the Barbarian. Trixie casts Hold Person on him in return, but this fails and so she is hit again, knocking her down to the floor dying.

Idjit backs off into a corner to defend himself but he is still within easy reach of the raging Barbarian, but Chunk manages to shake his rage and thankfully does not slay Idjit. Soon we are all happy buddies once more, well, apart from the fact that Trixie wants to take spells ‘to deal with Chunk in the future’.

We point Chunk towards something destructive to keep him happy, and ask him to rip open the trapdoor, and like a demented child he just keeps bashing at the trapdoor until the lock busts as the metal trapdoor caves in. Stumpy and I go to scout down the trapdoor and climb down the rungs, and not moments after we start to descend, find a symbol on the floor after only fifteen feet or so, which Stumpy thinks is Duegar for ‘refuge’.

The magical orb weapon thing I found works for Idjit and turns into club, but nothing for McFlurry, meaning that it has something to do with specific weapon training. Chunk heads back to the Imps in their bath, and they as usual simply duck under the lava. Trixie feels we are being scryed upon and so we leave the area and walk on, and then bump into the man in black once more! Dun Dun Derrrrrr!!!!!

Trixie tries to cast Sleep, and McFlurry once again tumbles past him. Idjit throws a Thunderstone but misses, and Chunk charges in but misses with his strike also. McFlurry moves around without joining combat, while Trixie Acidic Fireballs the area around him. Another thunderstone from Idjit strikes true this time, and a massive loud explosion happens, but that’s pretty much it to be honest as no one seems affected in the slightest.

I try a Blinding Spittle but gob on the wall, Chunk drops his weapon and I get hit from one of the little floating maces rather than the main one. McFlurry tries to bulrush but clangs into him and falls over, while Trixie Enervates him - which is rebounded by a floating Ioun stone around his head. Idjit also tries a bulrush and also falls over, and as he clangs off the blackened plate, he is then pummelled for his troubles.

I try and get his Ioun stone out of the air and then Chunk shows the others how it is done and bulrushes the Cleric away allowing McFlurry to land a good few punches on him. He runs off down the corridor towards the lava and we all follow after him, with Chunk leading and Trixie casting Magic Missile at him from the rear.

McFlurry suddenly can't speak properly as he has developed a kind of speech impediment or lisp, while Chunk drops another weapon and then picks it up and as the lisping Monk tumbles past him, allowing Chunk to dodge in and strike the Cleric while distracted. I am behind Chunk giving some light healing and regeneration as I can’t get past to offer my superb battle knowledge. The black armoured Cleric again decides it’s time to depart, and leaves once more, becoming incorporeal and disappearing into the wall.

We more or less all fall down where we stand to sleep, but out of the blue, McFlurry attacks us in the night, whacking Chunk to ‘set him off’ before attempting to run away. Trixie casts Agador’s Scorcher at McFlurry, who quickly dodges out of the way, while I drop an Obscuring Mist to aid those who want to hide in the mist and away from the pointy bits of the Barbarian.

McFlurry manages to run off, while Stumpy and Idjit awake from their slumber to the screams of a frenzied nutter looking for prey.

Idjit runs out the door into the corridor to escape and Trixie casts a rope trick, but then would not let any of us squeeze past her to get in, but luckily Chunk escapes the rage before he turns on the two children squabbling in the corner.

McFlurry runs round the corner and using a Falling Star Strike expertly inflicts a thumb in his eye and makes Idjit blind, and I manage to hit McFlurry with my new Orb weapon which seems to be quite nice. Chunk hits him hard as he runs in, which is painful enough to set off the healing part of McFlurry’s eye and so McFlurry in turn backs off to cast another Web, tangling everyone up once more.

Chunk and McFlurry go toe to toe, while Trixie and I start to burn the web in an effort to get to McFlurry. Loads more failed attacks and tangled sticky hilarity ensues, until McFlurry runs off again back into my mist which still engulfs the sword room.


Played 16th July 2010
Started 13rth July 2011
Finished September 27th 2011