The stats and backgrounds of our motley crew. The group came together as part of a fighting band pressganged into fighting for King and Country, and were soon seperated in the free for all that was our flight from 'victory'. For more info, read Chapter One of the Castle White Rock tales...

Brother 'McFlurry'Ashitaka

Elven Monk


Half Orc Barbarian / Frenzied Beserker


Human Ranger / Barbarian / Ghost Walker


Halfling Rogue

Stumpy LongBeard

Dwarven Cleric


Human Druid / Shifter

Trixie Dix

Dwarven Enchantress

Individual Background Stories


While travelling to their summer home, Shadow and his family were set upon by a Bugbear raiding party, which was in turn being chased by a Human hunting party. Although Shadow's parents put up a good fight they were overwhelmed by the sheer number of Bugbear’s in the party.

Attracted by the sound of fighting, the hunting party fell upon the Bugbears from behind and killed them all but not before Shadow was himself mortally wounded. A Cleric who was riding with the party was able to aid Shadow. And, after 3 weeks of care by the Cleric, Shadow finally broke free from deaths shadow (as the Cleric put it), and made a full recovery.

Unable to remember much of his life before the assault Shadow took his name from the remembered mutterings of the Cleric "..he’ll narry live long…. av doon ta bests a can…he’s shadowing death he’s self now.... he be in deaths shadow still… donna worry lad I’ll keep aprayin for ya…will bring ye back fro ta shadows.."

For the next ten years Shadow grew up in the town, helped by the aging Cleric who taught him to read and write both common and also introduced him to the garrison commander, before passing away. The garrison commander recognized Shadow’s potential, and turned him over to the captain of his scouts for training. Shadow’s Halfling nature helped him as he quickly learnt all the skills he needed to become the best scout in the garrison. Unfortunately without the guidance from any members of his own race or the Cleric, Shadow also learnt that some of the skills he acquired could be used to line his own pockets as and when the need (or want) arose.

With the coming of the war Shadow was sent out to scout the opposite army and after several successful scouting trips, Shadow is once again ordered into the surrounding countryside to scout before the next battle, number twelve ………..


The rain continued to fall heavily, lightning pircing the sky with un-natural feroicty for this time of the year. The rain bounced from the tall mans bearskin, and he continued to glance from the weather to the beautiful shapes the high winds made of the tree's, back to his wife, laying on her back in childbirth in the tent behind him, partially obsured by the hecca witch woman.

Despite the weather, the people of the tribe where gathered, sheltered as best they could beneath the shaped trees that normally provided excellent cover from the wind, rain and snow that beset this land. This was an occasion not to be missed, the tribe leader was about to have an heir, and the signs had indicated a boy.

The old witch expertly delivered the baby, cutting the cord with the tribe sacrifical knife, wiping the baby before checking its sex and handing it to the prone mother, gasping on the floor. The baby cried out, and the crowd assembled cheered at a healthy outburst.

The witch shuffled out to the man standing in the rain, and told him the news.

"A boy for you Chinook, as I said it would be." The woman looked pleased with herself, and strained to hear the man's response over the wind.

"Blessed be!" He looked around at the raging winds, the rain, the dark sky above, and knew that like him, he would be named after the weather that occured at his birth.

"He will be named Tempest, Wise one. Announce it to all assembled. I will be with my wife and child now."

The witch looked confused, and shrugged against the wind. "Funny name," she thought, "but he is the chief...."

The wise woman raised her arms and spoke loudly to the assembled crowd huddled in shelter against the weather. "The heir to the tribe is born. He is known as Tenpast, and by my powers will be known as this evermore!"

Chinook had already entered the tent, but something caught his attention in her words. He shrugged and knelt by his wife, vowing to speak to the hecca woman in the morning.


Trixie Dix, the only grand-daughter of old Greybeard Dix, the owner of the famous Deep Dix Mining Corporation. She was orphaned as a very young girl, aged only 150 years after her parents attempted to break a new mine in the Atlas mountains. None of the trail blazing party returned, leaving only rumours of dragons giants and foul deeds in their wake.

Trixie was pretty much left to grow up in the rugged male environment of a frontier mining community where she learned how to handle herself and men in equal measure. Her joyous sense of humour and sharp wit endeared her to the miners who fondly nicknamed her  “The Duchess”.  She now has sought adventure and to discover a fortune in her own right. She has never been afraid to take on a challenge and will often take paths where others fear to tread. Her aim is to prove herself worthy of the name Dix and enchant all she meets along the way.