Welcome to the Castle-Grounds website. This is a Portal of my work to date, taken from my hobbies and interests in the worlds of Fantasy and technology. To the right of this text you will find links to the web sites I have created to date, and I hope to add many more to come.





Guild Wars 2 - Yet another MMORPG to take over my life...

Castle White Rock - The current DnD campaign, and my site for the random nonsense I call 'thoughts'.

Theydon's Comics - Just a place for me to put my Daredevil comic collection and anything else I am geeking over.

Chuddleys Books - David Gemmell's books, my pages.

HTPC - The build process and specs of my Silver Box

Magic The Gathering: A place for me to chronicle how 'good' we are at Magic.

Night Below - 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons in the Forgotten Realms World.

Everquest - The Online Roleplaying game called Everquest, following Bodi Kibadachi & his friends.